The unsent.


Aku kebangun lagi. 😌

Have I told you that I always wake up at 02.30 AM lately?

So, here I am now. Wake up again on my 02.30 AM in the middle of the night,  wish you can calm me down, but it will not happen anymore now.
Finally, yesterday night, on Saturday, November 28th I’ve made a big decisions.


Sounds like childish, but I have to do it. I can’t stop stalking at you. That’s why, I have to do it this way, to prevent my self from your existence. I deleted all of your contact and social media on my phone, finally.
And it feels so much better now. :)I know we all have our decision with this relationship. Me with ‘I know at the end of all of this sweetness, it will only make me brokenhearted, but happy too’ and you with ‘I’m afraid that you will take all of this personally, I’m just having fun with you, and I hope vice versa’.

Yes, i am brokenhearted. And now there’s nothing left. You were already gone without saying a word (but i’m glad to understand your code quickly) and it’s only me with my grief now.

Once more, we all have our decisions. You make a decision to leave me like that. So, I won’t blame you for that. I have to move on. It needs time. I have to heal my self first, I have to save it from this suffer, by my own. I have to make a distance for your life. I have to deal with this pain. I have to let you go. I have to stop missing you.

I won’t begging you to stay. Never.

Thanks for all those kindness, memories and time. Good luck for everything’s ahead.

See you again, on the day that I can see your eyes without pain, on the day that I have already dealing this pain with my self, on the day that we find our own source of happiness. ☺️


like a ship leaving it’s harbor, me right now.



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